Thursday, June 12, 2008

What if...?

In light of the chapter our Launch Team read out of this book, Tony's post here and here are very relevant.

Perry had a great list of "What Ifs...?" It got me thinking, so I came up with my own:
  • What if all the Christians in America started handling their finances like it was God's money and not theirs?
  • What if we leveraged our power and influence for the good of others instead of ourselves?
  • What if we started doing sex, relationships and parenting the way God says to do each of those?
  • What if every Christian family in the US would adopt one orphan?
  • What if each of us were so in tuned with what God was saying and doing in the world, and what if we lived in obedience response to that?
  • And on a totally non-spiritual note: What if God were to zap all the Japanese Beatles that are in my yard at this moment eating my once beautiful Japanese Maple trees?


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