Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok, now I can share our big news. I've been trying to figure out how to capitalize on the momentum from Movies in the Park. We've had a lot of people show interest in Hub City Church, but their only options for being a part are to join the launch team (which isn't a bad option) or wait until September 21 when we launch to check us out. So, I've been wondering what kind of step could we create that would move people from the crowd into our discipleship process? Well, two weeks ago on I-26 I had an epiphany (maybe it's not a real epiphany, but I did get some direction from God about what to do).

We are going to be having two preview worship experiences. We'll have one in July and one in August. They will happen the Sunday immediately following Movies in the Park (July 20 and August 17). This is an easy, obvious and strategic way to move people from MIP to our community. Second, we are going to be starting small groups in mid July. These are going to be designed for people who wouldn't consider themselves Christians, but who might consider exploring what this Jesus stuff is all about.

I am pumped about this next step in our development. I'm pumped about our Launch Team's work and enthusiasm. I'm amazed at how God has and is orchestrating things and people for all of this to happen.

So, if you don't go to church somewhere, why not consider checking out one of our previews? What do you have to lose? We'd love to get your feedback about your experience. Or maybe you want to parter with us as a volunteer. We could use your help. See you on the 20th at Spartan 16.


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