Friday, June 27, 2008

Posts of the week

Here are some posts that are worth reading.
  • I love this idea. I'm planning on doing it with my boys. Now I need to start saving $$$.
  • Ben's posts here and here on cultivating the soil for church planting are must reads. I think that's what Movie's in the Park and three years in Spartanburg has done for us.
  • Seth's post on how to organize a room is great.
  • I don't know how we got connected to this blog, but this was a moving post that I totally agree with.
On another note, Nathan's trying out for the swim team. I think he could make the Olympics one day.



At 9:53 AM, June 27, 2008 , Anonymous Pete Wilson said...

Thanks Jonathan. That post and video are still messing with my heart.

Glad I found your blog as well. Look forward to reading more real soon.


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