Friday, May 02, 2008

Money, money, money

Don't you just love talking about money? I thought I'd give a little update on some money stuff for Hub City Church (did you check out our new site yet?).

We're looking for more people to be a part of The 300. The 300 is our plan to raise $30,000 to launch Hub City Church in September. It will go towards equipment and marketing. What we're looking for is 300 people who will give $100 a piece. I think YOU need to be a part of The 300.

On a smaller note, I'm also working to raise around $500,000 to fund Hub City Church for 3 years. That only means we need 5,000 people to give $100 a piece. :) Seriously, please pray for us as we embark on this adventure. The guys at say that "financing the vision" is one of the Best Practices of church planters. And since two guys I know just had to shut down their churches in the past 2 months because of finances... let's just say this is a priority. So if you, or your church, or both wants to partner... give me a buzz... I'll probably be calling you anyway.

Now off to pick up an elephant costume... if you're at Spring Fling keep your eyes open for us.


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