Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good news

I need to share with you some amazing things that happened today.

- Coca-cola is going to provide 800 drinks per night of Movies in the Park. They’ve given us their logo and want us to put it on everything we print from now on.

- A reporter from the Herald-Journal called to interview me about MIP and Hub City Church. The article should be in the paper tomorrow.

- Our banner will probably go up at Barnet Park tomorrow. Michelle, Michele and Rosie put up 180 signs in businesses around town today. And the postcards came in today and some will start making their way to schools tomorrow.

- Our web site, which just went live on Friday, had 4,000 hits in its first four days of being live. That’s amazing!

- Christian Supply is going to give 4 $25 gift cards as well as include MIP info in their mailer that goes to 15,000 homes (can you believe that?)

I don’t know if I’ve ever been a part of something with such momentum and God-stuff happening. Thank to our Launch Team for being a part of this amazing adventure. We couldn’t do this without them and all their work. And we definitely could not have any of this happening without God showing up.



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