Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stop pretending

I'm reading the book No Perfect People Allowed right now. It's thoughts have inspired a series by the same name that's going to begin on Sept. 9. I was reading on authenticity when I came across this:
Can we be this kind of church: The kind where people don't have to pretend? Where we can be ourselves and stop pretending we're more or less than what we are right now? That's the only way we can help each other grow to be all God intended us to be. If we can't do this, we're just playing church.
My passion, vision, hope, dream for The Point is that we are a church where people can come as they are. As you'll hear me say over and over again in the next few months, there really are no perfect people allowed... because there are no perfect people. Since that's the case, let's stop pretending. Let's be authentic. Then let's allow God to work in us to make us into the people he's created us to be.


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