Friday, July 13, 2007


Sometime in my teenage years I heard a speaker say: God + nothing = Everything. While I understand how you could argue with that equation and find ways to pick it apart, it speaks to an amazing truth.

I was reminded of this as I was reading this book the other day and came across this question: Do I believe more and more that he is what I'm desperately searching for, or is there something else I think I need? Do I believe he is the source of the kind of life I really want?

Let's be honest, we've got so much clutter in our lives that we think we need. We trust in all kinds of stuff to make us happy, to give us security, to fill us, and we think we need it all. But what ends up happening is that we replace God with all kinds of other stuff when all we really need is him.

God + nothing = Everything... just something to think about.


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