Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Fling report

I must admit, it was cold and today it was wet, but us being able to serve at Spring Fling was an incredible experience. In-spite of the cold weather we were able to give out over 2500 packs of gum or suckers. That means that over 2500 people were reminded that God loves them and is for them.

I can't say thank you enough to the people from The Point who served. I also am overly grateful for the 22 people from Mt. Airy who came to help us this morning. Because of the wet weather I sent half of them to the mall to give stuff away. God opened up a number of conversational doors. We got to talk about God's grace, The Point and just how much God loves each of us.

Even with having to tear down early tonight (because we were soaked to our bones) I still feel God blessed us with an incredible experience.

FYI: I think we're going to do it again the first weekend in June. The city invited us to do our giveaway at Wings and Wheels. I'm going to need your help. See you tomorrow night!


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