Friday, May 18, 2007


I've got to share a cool story that I was just told about The Point's influence. I have to admit, I often wonder, "Are we making a difference? Is God using us?"

I just heard that there is another church in town (which will remain anonymous) where the Children's minister got up on a Sunday morning and implored the people that they need to be out in the community, serving and making a difference. He then proceeded to share how he was at the mall the other day and someone came up to him and said, "We're giving away free gum. Would you like a pack?"

He then went on to explain how he was expecting this person to "witness" to him, but all they did was give him the free gum and tell him that God loves him. He was blown away by this small grace gift given in the name of Jesus.

He then went on to say that their church needed to start doing stuff like this.

Like I said, I often wonder if God is working. I know he is. I know he's working all the time. I believe that in my head, but because I don't always see him working I sometimes am a practical agnostic. But it is stories like these that blow me away. I would never have thought that God would use us to influence another church.

And I also have to confess, part of me is uncomfortable with this because I want The Point to grow, but really, it's not about The Point. It's not about any one individual church. It's about the Kingdom and us working together so that every resident of Spartanburg County, our state and our world has an opportunity to become a follower of Jesus. So, as hard as it is for me to say this, I hope that church steals what we're doing and does it better. We stole the idea from another church. And I pray that God uses things like this to unite His body and transform lives and the world.


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