Thursday, January 04, 2007

Connect, Discover, Respond

Listened to a short podcast this AM as I was working out. It's entitled, The Starbucks Experience Podcast. It's some short lessons on leadership learnings from Starbucks. No matter what you opinion of Starbucks is, there is a lot to learn from the coffee gurus.

This morning the guy talked about this customer service issue. Good customer service comes when we connect with the customer, discover what they need, and respond accordingly. The customer becomes the focus and the employee becomes the servant.

I think that has a lot to say to us as Christians. How often are we so focused on our own agendas or wants or wishes that we forget to really care for and meet the needs of the people around us?

A book I'm currently reading, The Fred Factor, talks about this. I highly recommend the book. It talks about how Freds make extraordinary out of the ordinary.

What am I trying to say? We need to care for people. When someone comes to The Point we need to connect with them (get to know their name, what they do for a living, etc.), discover what their needs are (do they have kids, are they away from home at college, are they Christians), and finally we need to respond accordingly (show them where their kids go, invite them to sit with us, have them over for dinner, invite them to your small group).



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