Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday from Haiti

March 14

Today was brick day. We stacked 450 cement blocks. I can barely move. On a positive note, my biceps are looking great.

I felt like we really accomplished something significant. Day three we hit our stride at the construction site. Not too bad for a group of guys with desk jobs. I will say that I'm glad I don't do this type of work all the time.

The weather has been great. I like the heat. But this has been the hottest day so far. A few on our team. That shall remained unnamed, look like lobsters... even with sunscreen. Which you most definitely need to pack since shade and cloud cover are limited.

I wrote the last three paragraphs before we went to the orphanage. I really love these kids. As soon as I got there Shenika found me and grabbed my hand. Then her sister, Darlenia, crawled up in my lap. She is four. They are beautiful little girls. I could have held them for a long time.

My camera and sunglasses were big hits. A little eight year old boy whose name I can't remember confiscated my camera and used it the entire time. They not only like to take Picts but will scroll through the pictures that I've taken over and over and over again. It's pretty fun to watch. My glasses went to Shenika first and then her sister and then another little boy who had a ton of questions and then back to Shanika again.

If you know me then you know that I'm pretty tight with my stuff, but God reminded me that it is all his. And who knew that a digital camera and sunglasses could provide so much fun.

Here's what got me today. As we were leaving a friend of Shenika came up to me, pointed at Shenika and said, "She's your daughter." ... ... ... .....

Wow. What do I do with that? I would take her and Darlenia home in a heartbeat. I know Liz would love them. All of the kids are beautiful. I can't imagine not having a mom and dad. I can't imagine wanting someone to be my dad after spending two hours over two days with them.

On a comical note, some of you know my good friend Bryan Scott. One of the nannies asked Bryan if he was married and if he had kids. He said no and she proceeded to point at one of the either young nannies and said, "She loves you." Bryan came to Haiti and got a proposal. It was awesome.

We have watched them eat the past two days. I am not sure how many times a day that they eat, but when the food is put in front of them nobody complains. They get busy eating and they eat everything in their bowl. Everything. Not a drop is left. Even the two year olds feed themselves and eat it all.

Speaking of a two year old, the little one that I held yesterday was still a bit under the weather today. It looked like she might need to go see the doc. If I were at home I would call my kid's doc and make an appointment. That's not an option here. I wouldn't hesitate to take my boys to the doctor if they needed to go. These kids don't have that luxury. It completely breaks my heart. If it weren't for Bryan's proposal I am not sure I would have held it together.

This has been a great experience. I can't wait for Liz to come. One of the boys asked me when I was coming back and if my wife and kids was coming with me. They want to see my family. I would like that.

Oma completely different note. There are no driving rules in Haiti. I thought a few times that I was going to die. People ride down the road on top of busses. It is crazy.


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