Monday, March 12, 2012

Day one and two from Haiti

March 11

Mental note: never plan a trip over daylight savings time weekend. Not only do you loses an hour of sleep, but there has been massive confusion over what time it really is in Haiti. Even our pilot was confused, but supposedly the president decreed last week that haiti will stay on eastern standard time, but we've been confused since we got here.

It didn't help that we were delayed two hours in Miami. We finally landed at 6:30. There is one run way. The plane had to do a u-turn on the runway to get to the terminal. That's a first. And customs was a warehouse. Definitely third worldy. But we made it through, even though Clay had to go through twice.

God got us to the guesthouse safe. It's a two hour ride from the capital. But we made it. Driving through Port au Prince, I had my doubts. Driving rules are optional. Pavement exist between potholes. Te whole experience has been surreal and a bit unbelievable. Rubble is still leftover from the earthquake. Many buildings are still uninhabitable. It's like a scene from a documentary. But we made it.

I have to mention the bus ride. All twenty five of us rode an old school bus that seemed to squeeze magically into impossible crevices. And the horn is used as much as the gas pedal.

The accommodations are rustic but much nicer than I expected. Supper was great. Spaghetti and meatballs with bread, and creamy butter, roasted potatoes, and a salad that was lettuce, tomato, onion and pepper. I thought it was great. Best of all was the watermelon for dessert.

Cold shower was very cold, but refreshing. Brushing my teeth with my bottled water was a new experience.

Now it is off to bed. I think it's 11:02. That is if it's the decreed presidential time.

March 12

Thank goodness for ear plugs. I thought roosters were supposed to cockadoodle-do at day break. One outside our room was confused. He sang all night.

Today we toured the new facility that's in the process of being built. I have to say, I love Bill's vision and am so excited that we get to be a part of it.

After the tour we dug... And dug... And dug. I've never dug footings. Now I have. And I'm sore. And we new it would be hot, and it was a draining heat. I can't wait to show ythe pictures of water in a bag that we drank all day. I drank about nine bags. I'm pretty sure the team is fed up with me telling them to drink more. I'd rather them not dehydrate on the first day. We drove by the hospitals last night and none looked like a place I want to visit.

I want Liz to experience this, but I am fearful about my kids. This is not a place for kids. But I do want my kids to see what I am seeing. Trash everywhere. Goats, chickens and cows just roaming.

Now I am hungry. My lunch of three protein bars and dried apples is gone.


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