Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15 from Haiti

March 15

We got to spend the morning at Obama Beach. Yes, it was named after our current president. Unfortunately he wasn't there. In fact, nobody was there. We had the entire beach and resort facility to ourselves. I use the term 'resort' lightly. But is was beautiful. It was rustic and super Haitian. Authentic might be a better term. We got to swim for about an hour in the crystal clear Caribbean. Goats wandered the beach. You don't see that at Hilton Head. There were a group of Haitian women were washing their clothes on the beach with salt water. It was kind of a National Geographic moment since they were washing the clothes that they had been wearing. But can you imagine washing your clothes with water from the ocean?

The best part was lunch. We got some delicious Haitian food. I had a creole fish with slaw, fries and plantains. I promise, what you have pictured in your mind isn't what was on my plate. But it was so, so good. Eating good food, overlooking the Caribbean, I could have stayed there all day.

This is such a beautiful country, but its beauty is covered up by poverty that is unlike anything I've ever experienced.

My hope is that our partnership, over time, will make a difference here.

Three hours have passed. Just got back from the kids. I didn't realize it would be so difficult to day.

When we got there the kids were getting baths. Outside. On the dirt ground. They either had a school function or church function tonight so they were getting prettified. It was funny because the girls were getting all fixed up just like they would at home except without the makeup and other luxuries that we have.

As soon as I walked into the gate, Darlencia found me and wanted to be held. She just talked and talked and talked but I couldn't understand anything. That didn't stop her.

Shenika wasn't there when I got there. She hadn't returned from school yet, but when she did she found me too.

Someone from The Village Church brought some suckers. They were a huge hit. Darlencia shared hers with me. Not that I wanted to but it was either take a lick or get smacked in the face with it. I decided to lick. Someone else brought some bubbles. The wedding kind. They were also a huge hit. One little boy who was just over two years old wants me to put his iris pocket, then get them out, then open them, then close them, then out them back in his pocket. We went through the same routine for ten minutes. It was hilarious.

When we got in the bus I was overcome with emotion. I looked over at Bryan Scott and he's tearing up to. And I really lost it. Thanks Bryan.

It just makes me sad. I've grown to love these kids who need so much love. I am glad we're in this for the long term. I just wish we could do more now.

I had a thought yesterday that I think was from God. I was a bit frustrated yesterday,but God reminded me that I could be a dad for a few hours to some of these kids. I hope my little time as a surrogate dad made a difference. I am praying that it did. And I'm glad we are coming back soon.


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