Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coming home

March 16

Travel day number two.

We got to make the ride from Kalico to Port au Prince in the back of an open air truck today. Now let me tell you,this is an experience that all should try. It was made more adventurous by the flat tire we had in the middle of the trip. There were a few times along the trip when I knew my life was over and that if I had my arm sticking out I would be one arm short. I was able to take some great picks and see a lot of the countryside.

We saw slums, tent cities on the hillside, chaotic roadside markets, more goats wandering down the road and an armed dude on the back of a motorcycle taxi complete with flack jacket and shotgun. You don't see that everyday in Sparkle-City.

I know I said this in an earlier post, but the whole scene in my mind is so surreal. I've only seen pictures and videos of this kind of living. I can see why Haiti is the second poorest nation in the world. The sad part is that I'm told that what I've seen is decidedly Haitian middle class. Their middle class is poorer than our lower class. I guess it's something that you have to see to really grasp. That's why I want you all to come.

You gotta love the airport. The TSA ain't got nothin' on Haitian security. We had to go through three security checkpoints. I had the privilege of being patted down three times. I guess it's the thinking of "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again."

Some final thoughts on the trip.

In my Bible reading time on Wednesday I read Matthew 9:35-38. Stop and read that. This passage came to life in a new way for me.

When God looks towards Haiti and the Haitian people he doesn't look with anger at the darkness. He looks at them with compassion, as sheep without a shepherd. I see that. They are truly sheep. We all are, but we're just more self-sufficient sheep as Americans. The whole country comes across to me as sheep without a shepherd. And coming here, we aren't the solution but we can be a part of the solution as we bring Jesus to the Haitians. The problem is that the needs are great but the workers are few. I am praying that the Lord of the harvest will call more of you into this harvest field and that over time we will see individual lives and eventually, the county of Haiti transformed.


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