Monday, September 26, 2011

Just a bit of your time

I want something from you. It's a bit of your time. Would you consider giving some of your time each week to pray for Hub City Church, Spartanburg and the world?

You can give 10 minutes a week or 10 minutes a day. You choose.

If you give us some of your time, we'll give you some things to pray for. If you're interested please email Lauren Rogers.

Here's why this is important: What God is doing, what he wants to do, what he's planted in our hearts is too big for us. We need God to show up and do something supernatural. Prayer is essential to us seeing a movement of God that is so overwhelming and surprising that it is reminiscent of the first church in Acts when everyone was filled with awe at what God was doing.

Prayer preceded every great awakening and revival in the history of the church. As we're going to see this coming Sunday at Hub City, four months of prayer prepared the way for Nehemiah to have overwhelming favor with the King of Persia and made it possible for him to accomplish in 52 days what hadn't been accomplished n 150 years.

That's why we're asking for just a bit of your time.


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