Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The first hour of your day

Anyone who knows me or who has heard me speak more than three times knows that I am a strong believer in taking time every day to read your Bible. It's the most important habit that you could ever develop.

I came across a great quote today from Charles Spurgeon, a great nineteenth-century British preacher.

It should be our rule never to see the face of men before first seeing the face of God. The morning watch anchors the soul so that it will not very readily drift far away from God during the day.... He who rushes from his bed to his business without first spending time with God is as foolish as though he had not washed or dressed, and as unwise as one dashing to battle without arms or armor.

And Mark DeMoss says, If you're thinking that a person could just as easily get apart with God over the noon hour, you're right, you could--unless something else comes up. You could also do it in the evening before going to be, assuming you can muster the energy and focus. Or you could hope to steal a few moments here and there during the course of the day. But nothing sets the day like matching our best hour (the first of the day) with our deepest and dearest Resource (the Bible).

Do whatever it takes to spend time with God on a daily basis through Bible reading and prayer.


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