Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Are we a friendly church? I hope not.

My friend Charlie read me something to me today that I thought was really good. It basically talked about the difference between a friendly church and a relationally intentional church.

Friendly churches are nice to new people but don't really go out of their way to get them connected and involved. Friendly churches say they value relationships, but really they only value the people who are already a part. Friendly churches value surface, shallow friendliness. To get involved or connected in friendly churches you have to break through the church-language barrier, the dress-code barrier, and the unspoken-rules barrier, until you become an insider.

A relationally intentional church, however, goes out of their way, not only to make people feel welcome, but to build real relationships with people. A relationally intentional church has a clear plan and process for getting people connected and involved. A relationally intentional church goes the extra mile for new people. A relationally intentional church is made up of people who will move out of their comfort zones and comfortable circle of friends to connect with and involve new people.

I don't want Hub City Church to be a friendly church. I want us to be a relationally intentional church.


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