Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We need you for Movies in the Park

Hey everybody,

Have you ever wondered what makes MIP such a success in our community? I've spent some time contemplating that question and I think there are two reasons. First, I think that God has granted us favor. There's no other way to say it. God has been gracious and favorable. MIP was his idea and he's done so much to make it such a success. Second, I think that what makes MIP so successful is you. You work your rear-ends off. Well, we're a week and a half away from game time, and here's what we need for you to do.

Pray. Pray for great weather. Pray for God to bring people. Pray for opportunities during the event to tell people about why we do MIP and invite them to Hub City. We are so dependent upon God. We need to pray like it all depends on God.

Work your rear end off. We need to work like it all depends on us. Here's what we need you to do.

- Hang posters. We’ll have some posters available on Sunday for you to hang around town.

- We need someone to pick up the popcorn @ 4 PM from Spartan 16.

We’re meeting at Duncan Park Baseball Stadium at 5 PM (or as soon as you can get there). Here’s what needs to be done.

- Set up sound

- Stuff Popcorn bags

- Set up video

- Set up screen

- Set up/work concessions

- Set up and work registration (Have people at the registration table and people walking around registering people.)

- Bug sprayers

- And some other stuff that I’m sure I forgot. J (If I forgot something, Melanie, please let me know. She remembers everything.)

If possible, I need to hear back from you today. Where are you going to serve? Where are you going to plug in? I'm counting on you. Thanks for all you’ve done so far and all you are going to do. It’s a blast serving with you to make Spartanburg a better place to live.


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