Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fundamentally different

I'm a bit reluctant to post this, but it's something I've been thinking lately. This past Wednesday I got to share with a group of pastors in York a little about our story and who we are as a church. For some reason, at the time, I felt like I left something out of my talk, and it wasn't until my drive home that I realized what it was. Who we are as a church is fundamentally different than most churches (notice I said different, not better... that's a big distinction. Don't hear what I'm not saying.).

Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples. Everything we do fits under that umbrella. Discipleship as a program that we do in addition to other stuff. It's all we do. That's why everything we do fits into our process for making disciples. Pretty simple (not easy, but simple).

It's also a relational process. We're trying to be intentional so that everything we do leads to relationships. Some of my Idaho friends say it this way: Making Biblical disciples in a relational context. I like that.

Not sure if this makes any sense... like I've said before, this blog is often more for my processing than other's benefit. :)


At 9:12 AM, February 20, 2009 , Anonymous Jaimee said...

The concept behind Hub City really is very different. In fact I think it is almost a miracle that we found you guys out of all the bazillions of churches around here. God just knew that we needed real relationships and that we weren't finding them anywhere else. It's too bad you can't call it like... Hub City Un-Church haha... I guess that's part of the "making disciples" thing huh? Word of mouth? To let others know what's different about us... I guess your "plan" is working... I actually want to tell people what we're doing... and have gotten comments as to how different I am since we started fellowshiping with you guys... I guess that's some encouragement for what you guys are doing there. Thanks for being who you are, You and Liz... You set the tone for being real people and living life together, and that's a tough job... We appreciate you!

At 1:53 PM, February 20, 2009 , Blogger Jonathan Everette said...

Thanks for the note... love the "Hub City Un-Church."


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