Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mostly we prayed for...

What do we mostly pray for?

Prayer has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm reading a lot on prayer. I'm learning a lot about prayer. I'm burdened that Hub City become a praying church. 

I want to share something I read last week. It came our of James MacDonald's book, Vertical Church. In talking about persistent prayer he says:

Mostly we prayed for God to come in power and make our weekend service a place of supernatural outpouring. We prayed that God would be heard in the preaching, that worship would be a fervent and heartfelt adoration of Jesus’ worthy name, that people would be saved, prodigals would come home, and families’ hearts would turn back to the Lord and to each other. The question is not will God answer our prayers, but do we have faith to petition Him persistently?

This resonates with me. It has become a prayer of mine over the past seven days. Maybe it can inform and deepen your prayers for the church as well.

What might happened if we prayed like this more for the church? Stay tuned for some ways we're going to incorporate more prayer into the life of Hub City Church.


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