Thursday, May 01, 2014

Your next American Idol

You may not know this about me but I've been playing the guitar since I was a freshman in college. My roomate had a guitar that he let me use. I had a Phil Collins songbook with guitar chords and some songs from my high school youth group. It was either watch Matlock reruns or fiddle with the guitar. I chose the guitar.

It ended up being a really great choice. I was able to lead worship for my college BSU. I got to play a classical piece in a friend's wedding. It helped when I worked with kids and teenagers. I even played Death Valley at Clemson (albeit there were only 40 people there I played the Valley!). Deep down I've always wanted to play in a rock band, and all of these opportunities helped to scratch my itch.

But today was probably the most meaningful gig I've ever had. I had the privilege of accompanying Levi as he sang and tried out for his school talent show.

He's been telling us that he wanted to be in the talent show. And because Liz and I are such great parents we kept hoping that the desire would fade away. But he kept bringing it back up. And then he said he wanted to sing.

His first choice was Let it Go from Frozen, but he nixed that idea when we told him that was a girl song. Eventually, we settled on Counting Stars by One Republic.

We only have a minute and a half, so we had to make our own arrangement (a la Idol). And we started practicing.

Today was his audition. I was nervous for him. But I'm proud to say he killed it. Knocked it out of the park! Kids waiting on their parents cheered for him. I was so happy for him.

And by far, this was the most exciting and meaningful gig I've ever had.

The talent show is two weeks from tonight. I can't wait to play background to my youngest son's performance. 


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