Monday, November 14, 2011

Torn - a review

This is a book that needed to be written and needs to be read.

Most books written on "trusting God when life leaves you in pieces" are difficult to read. They are long, and while they have good content it's as much of a struggle reading through them as it is working through the struggles of life. Not so with Jud Wilhite's book.

Torn read more like a devotional for me. It is extremely accessible and helpful.

I know some people who are going through a difficult time right now who I'll be giving a copy of this book to.

Two things worth noting stuck out to me. First, we all ask the "why" question when bad things happen, but that's not all that helpful. The best thing to figure out is "who?" This points us back to the God who, despite our circumstances, is in control. Second, I saw the story of Elijah in a completely new way. We love the scene where he calls down fire from heaven and shows off in front of the prophets of Baal. We want God to show up like that in our lives. But right after that, when Elijah is running for his life, God shows up in the smallness of a whisper. That has been more like my experience with God. I think if we're always looking for the "fire from heaven" we'll miss the "still small voice," which means we'll miss God.


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