Thursday, November 17, 2011

Significant Adults

I don't think there is an greater responsibility than that of being a parent. It's also one of the hardest, if not the hardest job on the planet.

That's why we need help.

My kids need more than me. They need other significant adults in their life who they can look up to, learn from, lean on and model their lives after.

When I think about the things that shaped my life growing up I always think of people. I think of Greg, Eddie, Jerry, and people who's faces I remember by who's names have left me. These adults invested in me. They took time to acknowledge me. They made a difference in my life.

I want to be that kind of adult in the lives of the kids around me. I want my kids to have those kind of adults in their lives.

So here's my challenge: If you are a grown up, step it up. You can make a difference. If you're a part of the Hub City Church family, step it up. We need you caring for, shepherding and loving on the kids in our church.

In fact, I think some of you need to step up and lead a children's ministry for kids in first through fourth grade. There are others of you who need to step up and lead a small group for our tweens and teens. They need you. We as parents need you. Be a significant adult.


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