Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why? - Immersion

Last post I shared why Hub City's mission is to make disciples who make disciples.

But how does that happen?

It happens through intentional relationships.That's why we do Hub Groups. And that's why we do Immersion.

Immersion is a three week class where we teach you our Discipleship Process. If you haven't been through it then you need to go through it. It changed my life. I think it will change yours.

But discipleship is not just about relationships. It's more than just having friends. It's more than just doing life together with some other people.

What's important is intentional relationships. By that I mean that there's a destination and getting to that destination requires an intentional, guided, relational process.

The destination is a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples. But it doesn't just happen. Jesus was very intentional with his disciples. He was taking them somewhere.

Immersion can show you where you and others are in the process and where you/they need to go to grow and mature. Immersion can open your eyes to the phases of spiritual growth: Spiritually Dead, Infant, Child, Young Adult, and Parent. Our next Immersion begins Sunday, July 31. Sign up by emailing me.

Along these lines, someone asked: How are parent's discipled? That is a fantastic question. That's what our Leadership Community is for. It is the environment where parents (disciplers) are discipled, because no matter how mature we are we all need to be discipled.

Another question often asked is: What happens when someone is brought through the process? The simple answer is that a person who has been brought through the process continues to bring others through the process. At the same time this person continues to hear from God and do what he says. (I've been a Christian for 32 years and I feel like I know less and am more of a sinner now than when I was 20.) God is continuing to refine, sanctify and make us like Jesus.


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