Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Problem

Problems are good. Problems are opportunities. We want problems because problems cause us to improve, get creative, think bigger, depend on God and find a solution.

We've got a problem at Hub City. Actually, I'm sure we've got a ton of problems. We're no where close to perfect. But this is a big problem that's been consuming my thoughts lately. It is a problem that we can fix. Here it is:

First time guests aren't coming back.

Did you know, that over the past year we've had so many first time guests, that if just 50% of them would have moved from first time guest to members of the Hub City family then we'd have doubled in size (actually, we'd probably be more than doubled)?

Let me be clear, this isn't about size. This is about us doing our part to be good stewards of the people God sends us. Most of these first time guests aren't a part of a church anywhere, so we're not stealing folks from other churches. These are people who need to be a part of a church where they can be discipled. We have a responsibility to do our part to get them involved and connected.

Having someone move from a first time guest to a part of the Hub City family requires threethings: God needs to do his part, we need to do our part, and they need to be open to doing their part (coming back, getting involved, etc.). We can't do God's part and we can't do their part. But we had better be doing our part.

I think we can get better at our part. That's where you come in. I'd like your input. What ideas do you have for turning first time attenders into members of the Hub City family? I seriously want to hear from you.


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