Monday, June 28, 2010

Risking Church

This is a fantastic book. In fact, if you're a Hub Group leader at Hub City you need to read this book.

All of us have an innate longing for relationships and community. We all want to be known and loved for who we really are. The church is the place where those needs should be met.

This is a great explanation of what we mean when we talk about making disciples through intentional relationships.

I want to leave you with the prayer that Jim has at the conclusion of the book. I've reworded it for Hub City, but I'm going to be praying it often:


My prayer today is for the church. It's a prayer of vision, of what isn't now, but what could be. I know You love the church; Father, I do too. I pray that You will release Hub City Church to be a community that reflects Your Son, Jesus. I pray that we will be a loving community.
I pray that facades will be replaced by honest struggle.
I pray that self-centered attitudes of "What's in it for me?" will give way to attitudes of serving others.
I pray that the Scriptures not only will be studied but will stir a passion in us to know You more.
I pray that judgment of others will be overshadowed by radical grace given to all.
I pray that the unbelieving world will see a loving group of people living out their faith and be unable to explain it away in human terms.
I pray for community to become contagious and spread to everyone in our church.
Thank you, Father, for loving me, for speaking to me through your Son, and for giving me Your Holy Spirit to make this supernatural life possible.
I pray all of this in the powerful name of the One whose shed blood provides forgieness and established the new covenant--the name of Jesus.


At 7:01 AM, June 29, 2010 , Anonymous Jaimee said...

(1) You're reading too fast. I just barely started Radical. I'm going to have to start making a reading list for the fall.
(2) What an awesome prayer.


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