Monday, June 28, 2010

Reflections from Sunday 6/27/10

Yesterday was a fun day for Hub City Church. I am thankful that Frankie took care of speaking the past three weeks. He did a great job and continues to improve as a speaker. He's also the first person I've ever heard use the term "weed of love" (I know, it sounds like some punk-rock band). Josh did a fantastic job going solo. I love the band and can't wait for them to be back next week, but I also love the slowed down ambiance of an acoustic set.

I was also super-pumped by all the new people who were in the crowd. It's a reminder to me that there are so many people in Spartanburg County who God is calling us to reach and disciple. It motivates me to go all out and do whatever it takes to accomplish our mission (Making disciples who make disciples) and reach our full redemptive potential.

But by far my favorite part of yesterday was the BBQ and Baptism. It was great hanging out with folks. It was a privilege baptizing Allen, Ashley, Jessica and Justin. I'm so proud of them for their obedience. It truly was an enormous honor for me. I love you guys. Thanks for the opportunity. You can check out pics here and here.

Seriously, if you're not a part of Hub City Church then what are you waiting for?


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