Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LTM Recap

I want to thank everyone for a great LTM last night. I know we covered a lot of content, but you hung in there and had some great ideas. I’m excited about us working together to make a difference in Spartanburg.

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed:

  • Relational networks: College campuses, non-profits (service organizations), sports/rec teams, city groups, civic groups, schools, neighborhoods, work place, YMCA.
  • Direct touches: Block parties, sports camps, movies is the park w/in neighborhoods, neighborhood festival (Halloween), provide food for teacher appreciation, volunteering with Habitat for humanity or the Children’s home, giveaways.
  • Marketing: Web site, blog, billboards, signs, mailers, door hangers, t-shirts, Frisbees, movie trailer.
  • Front door: A worship gathering

For us to be missionaries to Spartanburg we need to spend the majority of our time and resources in relational networks and direct touches.

The direct touches that we decided to focus on are movies in the part (3-4), movies on campus (2-3), volunteering with habitat, Christmas in action and the children’s shelter (possibly renovating an entire home). Thanks for telling me what you want to be involved with. I’ll be contacting you within the week to make a time for teams to meet and begin planning.


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