Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I finished reading Unchristian today and all I can say is wow. I can attest to the findings in this book. I've seen the unchristian perspectives lived out to the detriment of the kingdom more times than I wish to count.

I think that the first place for us to begin in changing people's perspectives is for us to say we're sorry. I would love to do a series titled: We've been unchristian and we're sorry (feel free to steal that one from me).

What I love about the book, however, is not that it gives a clear picture of people's perspectives of us, but that it gives practical ways for us to move from being unchristian to being Christian. I would share details, but you need to read the book.


At 5:48 PM, December 11, 2007 , Blogger pat gillen said...

This is truly a good book!

I think it's funny I remember hearing that you were reading this book back in October! Life must be busy!

At 1:12 PM, December 12, 2007 , Anonymous Chris Reeder said...

Next on my list to read!

Chris Reeder


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