Thursday, December 06, 2007

A little braggin'

No, I'm not going to brag about how Clemson beat USC on a last second field goal or how Clemson's going to the Chick-fil-a Bowl and USC will be at home opening up their presents of sweaters and socks... even though I could.

What I want to brag about is not a what but a who. I want to brag on Chris and Frankie. Last night these two great (yet at times a bit crazy) guys went to the mall to do some surveying. We're in an info gathering and relationship building mode, so these guys spent three hours at the mall talking with people about their beliefs, God, Church and what we're doing. They had a ton of awesome conversations with people who wanted to share opinions.

I think things went so well for two reasons. First, I think Chris and Frankie are easy and fun to talk with. You feel at ease around them. They are gifted. My wife, Liz, also has this gift...the gift of woo: winning others over. Second, they approached people with questions, not scripts or an outline or ________________ (you fill in the blank). They just started to ask peoples opinions about stuff, and people love sharing their opinions.

As a result they not only got some great information, but had a bunch of significant conversations with people who were everything from unchurched to Jewish to Muslim to looking for a church. Who knows what God is going to do because of those conversations.

So I've got to brag on and give a big shout out to Chris and Frankie. You guys are awesome. Thanks for using your gifts to contribute towards creating a church that young adults want to be a part of. Thanks for using your gifts for the Kingdom. I'm so thankful to have you on our team.


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