Friday, December 01, 2017

Frederick Buechner Books

There are a few authors who breathe a breath of fresh air into my soul every time I read them. Frederick Buechner is one of them. I just finished two of his books, A Crazy, Holy Grace and The Remarkable Ordinary

These books are actually collections of some of his speaking engagements, which doesn't lessen their potency. They were just as refreshing and raw as his other books. 

Actually, if there were one word I would use to describe both of these books it would be the word real. 

We need some real in our world of fake.

While I recommend everyone read these books (and all his books for that matter), I believe those who are in the middle of grief, hurt and sickness, might find the most hope in their pages. Over and over again, a face of someone I know, who is in the middle of something difficult, popped into my head as I read. This was especially true in A Crazy, Holy Grace.

The Remarkable Ordinary was almost like a pause button. We don't pause and listen and think very much, or at least it seems that way to me at times. I needed to read this to be reminded to pause and listen.

How about buying something for your soul this Christmas. One or both of these books might just be what your soul has on its Christmas list.

I need to thank Handlebar for providing me these books free of charge to review. 

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