Thursday, April 27, 2006


Wow. I am feeling pretty advanced, high tech, savvy, hip... I guess I'd better stop. But I am now an official "blogger." Who knew that it could be so easy. What to write about???

First, I have to say to our team that it has come to my attention that I really messed up some of your prayer lives with my talk on Sunday. I'm glad to be of service. Today I have been working on next Sunday's talk. I think it will fill in some of the gaps where you were left hanging, but I hope it will still make you uncomfortable. Jesus' words seem to leave us with an unsettled, uncomfortable feeling most of the time. And why shouldn't they?

I just want you to know how much I value your own personal relationships with Jesus. There really isn't anything in the world as important as that intimate connection with God. May God bless you with an incredible connection/experience with him this week.

On a completely non-spiritual note: We had our walk through at our new house today. What an incredible experience! The staff at Lazarus Shouse (and I did spell that correctly) went above and beyond to make the customer (that's us) happy. They did not ever make one excuse for something that needed a little work. They just fixed it.

It makes me often do we make excuses. We make excuses with our family when we're in a bad mood. We make excuses at work when things don't work out. We make excuses at church when things aren't going as planned. The thing about the excuses we make is that mose of them are valid. However, that's not the point. There was a valid excuse for everything we pointed out to the Lazarus Shouse people. They, however, chose to ignore the excuse and fix the problem. What if we all started doing that. "A life without excuses." That would make a great book sometime.

Peace, love and happiness to all who read my first blog. Now the question remains, can I keep it up?