Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movin' on up

We received some exciting news last week. We're moving on up... or maybe, moving on over.

We have been given permission to move into the largest theater in the Spartan 16 Theater complex. On March 10 we're moving across the hall to theater 16.

I'm pretty pumped. It's been a tad crowded in theater 8. We'll have a few more seats in theater 16.

And for some reason "Theater 16" sound cool to me, like a movie. I know I have a problem.

Now's the time to invite some of your friends who've given up on church or don't see the point. Let's partner together to introduce them to Jesus. 

There's room for everyone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Speaking of Jesus

Every once in a while I'll read a book that I want everyone I know to read. I just finished one of those books. 

The book is Speaking of Jesus by Carl Medaeris. It was unbelievably incredible. 

You should click this link and purchase a copy for yourself right now. Currently the kindle version is only $2.51. It's well worth the price of a latte.

If you're still reading this blog you're wasting time. You should be downloading the above-mentioned book and reading it.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Want to go to Haiti with us?

Our first trip to Haiti for 2013 to work with Alex's House Orphanage is coming up soon. We still have a few spots. The team's not exactly sure what they'll be doing, but look at the email below and see if this sounds fun to you: 
Teams will need to coordinate together to decide what your community outreach project will be in the afternoons based on the talents and gifts the Lord as brought to your team, as you all be serving together due to the size of the team.  
There is the possibility that your team will be serving some of the time in Port-au-Prince preparing our nursery facility for the arrivals of our little ones. So, you will most likely be doing renovations,/painting/construction in the mornings, then community outreach projects in the afternoons. 
Some examples of community outreach projects are bible clubs for children and/or adults (skits, crafts, passionate teaching of God's word, games, music/songs); sewing ministry (where you teach sewing lessons and offer free "hemming" to community while sharing Christ); life skills class (woodworking, welding, sewing, basic English classes, sign language classes, etc); rice/bean distribution and/or feeding ministry. 
In any type of community outreach, it is hard to predict how many the Lord will draw in, but we usually find that 100 or so usually come. So, simple usually works best. You can also divide your time and mix it up every afternoon if you have several different skills/gifts.  
Here is another thought -- you may also consider a "good manners" class for our Alex's House kiddos for the days (2 afternoons or so) you will be with them - general social etiquette, table manners, etc. -- this could be a lot of fun and definitely needed:)
Does that sound fun? Then why not go with us? The dates are March 16-23. Email me if interested and I'll get you some more info.