Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween

Every year on Halloween I encourage my fellow Christians to use this as an opportunity to serve your neighbors. Here are Jonathan's tips for making the most of Halloween:

Give out the best candy. 

Give our lots of candy. 

Welcome folks as they step onto your property.

Say nice things to the kids about their costumes.

Don't be the family who keeps their porch light off.

Don't give out tracks unless you are giving out awesome candy.

Don't be afraid to dress up.

This is the one time of the year that people will come to your door voluntarily and you have an opportunity to serve them. Make the most of it. You are where you are on purpose for a purpose. 

Be the house that everyone wants to visit this year.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Out of the loop

The past three weeks of seeing two churches unite into one church have been extremely exciting. God is doing some really cool things. Heck, we outgrew the baby room in week 2 and had to make people park in the back lot because we filled up the front lot. We've seen lots of new faces and so many of you are inviting people. I love being a part of what God is doing.

One of the biggest things we are working through in regards to the merging of two churches into one new Hub City Church is that some people are feeling out of the loop (I'm including me in those who are feeling out of the loop to a degree). 

This is a huge burden for me. So much so that I've spent a lot of time trying to keep people in the loop and trying to discern who's feeling out of the loop.

But I had a thought this morning. The reason people are feeling out of the loop is that we now have a new loop.

Change and transition create a new loop. We now have a new loop. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul: The old loop has gone, the new has come.

The challenge now is to figure out how to get onto the new loop. It won't just magically happen. You have to move from where you are (on the old loop) to where you need to be (the new loop).

So, how do you get onto the new loop? Here how:

  1. Lean in. Our natural tendency when we feel out of the loop is to pull away for a little while. That's the WORST thing you can do. You need to lean in. That means leaning into the discomfort, leaning into different, leaning in when everything in you says to pull away.
  2. Stay connected. This is all about relationships. You have to take responsibility for reaching out to people, connecting with people, hanging out with people, talking with people, praying for people. I know there are a lot of new people. It's weird, but the larger the crowd the more difficult it is to get to know people. That's why small groups are so important, by the way. We'll be launching those at the end of October, but for now intentionally look for ways to connect with people. Make sure you consistently attend worship and talk with others while you are there. Make sure to come to the Hub City Foundations class and connect with others while you are there. Whenever there's something going on over the next three months, be there!
  3. Stay involved. This is all about serving somewhere, somehow. There are more things to do than we have time and people right now. You are an essential and necessary part of this body. Do something. Do anything. For example: With the rapid growth of the under age 5 population, there are many preschool opportunities. There's an endless list of things to do to continue improving and updating the campus. Jump in with both feet and stay involved!
  4. Pray. I'm not adding this because it's the spiritual thing to say. I'm saying to pray because prayer is foundational. Pray for Hub City Church. Pray for me. Pray for yourself. Pray for others. Share your feelings with God. Ask him to show you who to get into the new loop. And then DO WHAT HE SAYS!
  5. Give. I don't really understand why it works this way, but it does: Our hearts, emotions and passions follow our spending. As Jesus said, "Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Something happens when we give generously and abundantly to God through our local church. So, how's your giving been? And I have to say that in order for us to be the church that God is calling us to be we all need to be giving.
  6. Invite. Just as something supernatural happens in our hearts when we give, something supernatural happens in our hearts when we invite others to be a part of what God is doing at Hub City. If you invite a friend or family member then you automatically have a vested interest in what is going on because you don't want to look stupid for bringing someone with you. So who can you invite THIS WEEK?
There's a new loop and I want EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to be on the new loop. I've given you a good place to start.

One more thing: If you have questions/concerns/comments/snide remarks... please share them with me... just not right before I speak on Sunday. :) I can't read your mind. I can't do anything about your feelings or an issue if I don't know it exists. We're in this together. We are the church. We are the body of Christ. Let's press on to accomplish God's purposes in our generation.