Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'm reading a short little e-book right now by Dave Ferguson called Keeping Score. It's written to  encourage church leaders to make sure they are keeping score in ways that matter for the kingdom. 

One of the things he says is that churches can appear successful but not be winning. That would be a tragedy, wouldn't it? (And just to be clear: I'm not making any vague accusations towards other churches. This is purely for self assessment.)

Think about it: How would you define success? Money? Fame? Position?

Wouldn't it be tragic to look successful, but end up losing in life?

I think that we can look successful from a worldly perspective, but fail to win from a Biblical perspective. This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

So, what is winning from a Biblical perspective? In one word: Faithfulness.

Over and over again we're reminded of the importance of faithfulness. Appearances can be deceiving, so are we being faithful?

Are you being faithful? At home? At work? With your church family? With your finances? With your time? Are you faithfully doing what God has told you to do?


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