Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Interrupted

The snow that's falling outside of my window is beautiful. We don't get snow often around here, so today is one of those rare treats. It seems like the snow brings out the kid in me. 

At the same time, this snowpocalypse is a huge interruption in my routine. I love routine. I thrive in routine, and snow, snow days and being stuck at home throws a wrench in my beloved routine.

Jesus, on the other hand, seemed to thrive in interruptions. Over and over again he's interrupted and instead of getting angry or frustrated (which is how I would have responded) he expresses compassion and love.

After news of his cousin's death (John the Baptist was beheaded), Jesus went to spend some time away from the crowds with his disciples. But when he got to the retreat area there were crowds waiting for him. 

Instead of frustration or anger he has compassion on them.

What if we were to have the same response to life's interruptions? What if, instead of frustration and anger, we were to approach interruptions with compassion?


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