Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Haiti day 4 and 5

Day 4

Exhausted. That is how I feel. But today was a fun day. Mark and I made a cabinet today. And it is awesome! Best Cabernet ever. A miraculous feat of engineering. I would post a pic if I could, but then you might want to hire us, and we only do our best for orphans.

In all seriousness it was great to build something that is going to make a difference. That's what the whole team did today. And I know I said this last night, but I am so proud of our Hub City Slickers, they have worked so hard. Liz looked so cute with pink, oil-based paint all over her.

Today's cultural lesson: We all know Haiti is a different world. We needed supplies, so Bill took the truck to the big hardware store. It is in Port-au-Prince. I am told that you are welcomed into the store by a greeter wielding a machine gun. Wonder if that would fly at Costco? We take for granted that we can run to the store and grab whatever we need. You can't do that here. It toke Bill 10 hours to get the supplies we needed. I won't complain about the lines in Walmart any more. And I bet machine guns would cut down on shoplifting.

By the way, the goats multiplied exponentially overnight.

I have no mo energy to write.

Day 5

I don't like roughing it. My idea of the perfect camping trip involves staying at the Embassy Suites.

We aren't staying at the Embassy Suites. The term "roughing it" is too luxurious of a term for the accommodations. Not really...well, maybe really. Cleanliness standards in Haiti aren't the same as back home. One guy wanted to exchange his towel for a clean one. The helper gave him a bucket where he cd hand wash it. The bed Liz and I are on is on the floor. This afternoon's shower was barely a trickle.

I don't share this to complain. I share it to contrast life in Haiti and life at home. We have so much. We're oblivious to how good we have it. And for all my Hub City family who want to come, I want you to know what you are getting into. I don't want this to keep you at home. That would be childish and sort-of wimpy. Haiti's just a different world. And I am so glad I can be here.

My greatest disappointment so far has been that we've not been able to see the kids. We are doing work that is needed. We have a day and a half to get the property move-in ready. There hasn't been the time to hang out with and play with the kids. They are in Port-au-Prince. We are two hours away. But God is teaching me how important it is to do what's needed more than doing what I want. It's not about me anyway.

And who knew Haiti had turkeys? Chickens, yes. Horses, yes, cows, yes. Millions of goats, yes. But turkeys, yes!

On a construction note, Marc and I attempted to screen the windows. Hardest project ever. The shelf we made yesterday was a better demonstration of our carpentry skills. Today was torturous. But things ae coming together. So glad we get to experience move in on Friday.

And so on that note I will end.


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