Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 3 from Haiti

Day 3

I got to drive in Haiti. Granted, it was only a half mile, but hey, I got to drive in Haiti. For those of you who've been I drove the white, tap-tap truck... with passengers... and no one died.

Now on to important stuff. We started working today. The list of things to get done before Friday seems infinite, but you should have seen our people working their tails off.  The girls were masters of the paint sprayer. Neal and Mike have been killing it. So glad they are here. Marc scaled a water tower to help hoist the 600 gallon cistern. And I carried a lot of rocks in a wheelbarrow. I am very proud of our team. They worked so hard today and drank kits of water (I am the water Nazi). Tomorrow Marc and I get to build a counter in the kitchen. Home improvement Haitian style.

I got to take a small field trip to some Haitian hardware stores. What an experience. You go in and they have just a bunch of mismatched stuff. Neither store (if you could call it a store) had what we needed. Makes me thankful for Home Depot.

I have to say something about the goats. We saw goats last time we ere here, but I thing they may be having a goat apocalypse. They a everywhere. Lots of baby goats.

On a serious note, we have so much to do before the kids move in so please pray for efficiency. This new location will be like moving from a trailer park to Beverly Hills. The new facility is incredible. currently 30 people are living in a 600 sq. ft. place with two toilets. They are moving to a place with 16 toilets, four cottages and an amazing dinning room.

Also pray for Bill. His back is bothering him big time.

And did I mention how hot it is?

I could write more, but I am physically exhausted.


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