Thursday, April 12, 2012


I don't know what the deal is, but I've been having a sort-of writers block since I got back from Haiti. I don't have anything worthwhile to say. Or maybe I'm not taking the time to come up with anything worthwhile to say.

Maybe I should just do what "writers" always recommend and just write something. That's what I'm doing now. And I would love some help.

I have to write an article for the paper next week. I'm open to suggestions/ideas. I may not use your idea, but it might spark another idea and my head and help me crawl out of this writers block.

Thanks for playing along.


At 3:26 PM, April 12, 2012 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a topic suggestion but it's a strategy I use sometimes when I am blocked or when I only have a vague shadow of an idea and need to focus.

Start with a call to action. This is what you hope the result of your writing will be. Picture it in your head and let yourself get kind of emotionally attached to it.

Next decide who needs to answer that call to action. This is your audience. When you're writing for the paper, a lot of people will read but you shouldn't NEED a response from everyone-- just the ones who will be inspired to act on what you have written.

Okay, so maybe it's only half a strategy. But usually if I can nail down a call to action and my target audience, I can put together an outline of what I need to say to inspire.


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