Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A lampstand

Last night I suggested to Nathan that he read through the first three chapters in Revelation for his daily Bible reading. I have been praying that God would reveal more of himself to Nathan and teach Nathan how he should live as a follower of Jesus, and there is so much in those three powerful chapters.

Well, this morning I had the thought that I should read those chapters with him so we can talk about it. So I read chapter 1 and something jumped out at me that I never really paid attention to before.

Jesus calls the seven churches the seven lampstands.

Think about a lampstand. It doesn't produce the light. It just holds the light and provides the best container for the light to do what the light does, which is dispel the darkness.

It got me thinking about Hub City. We aren't the light. We're just a container that holds the light and does our best to make sure that the light (which is Jesus) can shine as bright as possible so that darkness is eradicated.

I was hoping for God to speak to Nathan, and I know he will. But he used that to speak to me. Hub City: We are a lampstand. Let's do what lampstands are meant to do.


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