Friday, December 02, 2011

How to be close to God

We know this, but you can't be relationally close to someone if you never spend time with them.

It's the same way with God. To be close to him you must spend time with him.

But how? Where do you start?

I'll share something that's helped me through the years. Reading through the Psalms does more for my relationship with God than anything else. Most of the Psalms are prayers. At the same time they are words from God and about God. That means that as I read a Psalm I can both talk to God and hear from God at the same time. They are conversational.

And it's easy to discipline yourself to read through the Psalms. You can read a Psalm a day. Or, I like to read 5 Psalms a day. Doing that takes you through the entire book in a month. And it's amazing how different Psalms express my heart at different times.

For example, today is December 2 and so I read Psalms 6-10. I needed Psalm 6 and 8 today. I needed to pray them. I needed to hear from God through them.

So if you want to be close to God I suggest you head to the Psalms.


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