Monday, October 31, 2011

Leveraging Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that freaks people out. Actually, it's usually the Christians that freak out. Some boycott the event all together. Some create and participate in alternative "Fall Festivals", "Trunk or Treats", and the like.

But what if we decided to leverage Halloween for the good of the Kingdom.

Halloween is the one time of the year that you have gobs of people streaming to your door and you have the opportunity to serve them. It might possibly be the easiest way to be salt and light in our community.

So how can you leverage Halloween by serving and blessing those little scary monsters that knock on your door tonight?

First off, make sure you give out good stuff. Don't be the person that gives out toothbrushes, fruit, or a religious tract. Give out good candy. If you have the money buy the big candy bars. No one gives them out anymore and all the kids will love you.

One thing I encouraged Hub City folks to do is to take a postcard/invite from our church and tape a piece of good candy to it and hand it out with a handful of other candy. Who knows, God might just use that. It's a way for our church to leverage Halloween.

Finally, say something nice about every kid that comes to your door. Bless them. Let God shine his love through you.

My hope is that we, as Christians, will stop being known for what we're against, but for what we're for, and that our service to others will be so radical that those outside the faith will see our good deeds and come to know Jesus.


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