Monday, August 30, 2010

Letting go

I read this on Mark Batterson's blog today. It's a quote from Gary Haugen, president of the International Justice Mission:
Gary said we all want adventure, faith, miracles, and a deep knowledge of Christ, but you can't have those things without letting go of safety, security, comfort, and control." You have to choose between safety and bravery. The bottom line is this: God's will in a fallen world is dangerous.


At 9:44 PM, August 31, 2010 , Blogger Tommy said...

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At 10:36 PM, August 31, 2010 , Anonymous Galen said...

Sometimes life's greatest teachers are the trials we go through. I don't think we should go looking for problems, but when they arise we should handle them in an appropriate manner. I think everyday life can be a way of letting go of safety and security (as well as comfort and control) if we try to break out of our bad habits and the like. That can be a day to day struggle in itself.


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