Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Top Ten ways to get someone to come to Hub City with you on Easter

Top 10 Ways you can get somebody to come with you to Hub City on Easter:
10. Trick them: Say, “Hey, wanna go to the movies?”
9. Guilt Them: It’s Easter, for crying out loud.
8. Bribe Them: Promise to buy them lunch afterward.
7. Force Them: It’s amazing what you can do with a ski mask and a bread truck.
6. Date Them: That guy that’s been asking you out for months, now’s your chance to turn him off for good.
5. Pay Them: People will do anything for money.
4. Peer-Pressure Them: Everybody’s doing it.
3. Offend Them: You’re a no good, rotten loser if you don’t come.
2. Tickle Them: Unless they’re Elmo they’ll come just to make you stop.
1. Ask them: Take a risk and invite somebody.


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