Friday, April 11, 2008

Post of the week and something else...

What Tony posted here is a good reminder for me.

And here's the something else: This is a busy weekend for us at Hub City Church. Tomorrow we'll be joining with other groups from around Spartanburg to participate in Christmas in Action. We're going to be painting a house. Wooo-hoooo!!! I hope the rain stays away. Then on Sunday we're having another Vision Casting Night to share what we're doing and what's involved for those who might want to be a part. If my count is right then we're going to have 25+ adults and 15+ kids. That's a lot of people! I'm pumped.

On top of that, tomorrow is Matthew and Nathan's first soccer game. I'll be leaving painting to watch Matthew and then coach Nathan. It should be fun. You gotta love kid's soccer.


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