Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Summer sabbatical F.A.Q.s

Yesterday I posted the transcript of my sermon from Sunday sharing about Hub City's Sabbatical Summer. You can read it here. Below is the handout we gave to folks to answer questions.

Summer 2017 F.A.Q.s

What is a sabbatical?

The word sabbatical has its roots in the biblical concept of Sabbath (to rest or to cease). Sabbath keeping is setting aside time that God consecrates and makes holy.

Sabbatical leave is a time for our pastor to shift gears in order to rest, disengage, study, reflect, and travel in order to return to minister among us refreshed and renewed in body, mind and spirit. It is not a time for routine work, mid-career assessment, job search, and not a vacation.

Sabbatical is more than a vacation from meetings, budgets, sermons and people in need. It is a time for Jonathan to receive spiritual nourishment and a change in perspective in order to deepen his relationship with God, himself, and his family—a season of spiritual growth.

This special time will also be a season of growth for the entire congregation. A secondary definition of sabbatical is “a break or change from normal routine.” This is what this summer is going to be for Hub City. We have some strategic things that are going to happen that will help us become healthier and stronger as a church.

How long with Jonathan be on sabbatical?

Jonathan’s last Sunday before the beginning of his sabbatical will be May 14. His first Sunday back will be on August 20.

What will Jonathan be doing on Sabbatical?

Jonathan’s time will be divided into three parts. First, there will be times of silence and solitude for connecting to and hearing from God. Second, there will be times of travel with family, revisiting places that were essential to his spiritual development. Third, there will be times of learning and study.

Who will pay for the Sabbatical?

Jonathan has applied for and received the Clergy Renewal Grant from the Lily Foundation. This money will not only fund his sabbatical activities but also provides funds for the intentional interim and church-health activities.

Will Hub City just be in a “holding pattern” while Jonathan is away?

Absolutely not! We have some strategic activities planned to help the Hub City Church family grow in relationships with each other, make more of a difference in this community and grow as disciples of Jesus. It is important to remember that the sabbatical is a two-way process: While Jonathan is on his journey of renewal, refreshment and reflection, we will embark on a journey as well.

Will Jonathan be in contact with Hub City during his sabbatical?

An important part of a sabbatical is to make a complete break from things. The only people who will be in direct contact with Jonathan while he is away will be his family.

Is there anything I can do for Jonathan?

The best thing you can do is pray for him and his family. You can also lean into the Hub City Church family. Give. Serve. Participate. Invite. Be the Church!

What if a question/concern arises while Jonathan is gone? Who do I call if there’s a crisis? Who should I contact for prayer? Who will cover Jonathan’s responsibilities during his absence?

Below is a list of “who’s doing what” during Jonathan’s sabbatical.

Who’s doing what?

Interim pastor – James Nugent
Pastoral care – James Nugent and Hub Group leaders
Prayer needs – Prayer team - Leslie Hendon
Scheduling and administration – Lisa Tillitson
Building maintenance and emergencies – Maintenance team - Dewayne Pitts
Landscape maintenance – Landscape team - Vaughn Pitts
Bulletin and Announcements – Host and Leslie/Lewis
Finances – Finance team
Special events – Lizz Pitts
-       May 28: Memorial Day Cookout
-       July 2: Lake day after worship
-       August 20: Welcome back party
Hub City University – Mike Adler
Movies in the Park - Team Leader – Lewis Beard

What we’re doing

-       Tentative Dates
o   May 15 – Leadership Community
o   May 16 – Sabbatical begins
o   May 20 – Movies in the Park
o   May 28 – Memorial day cookout/picnic
o   June – Hub City University class
o   June 17 – Movies in the Park
o   June 19 – Leadership Community
o   July 2 – Lake day
o   July – Hub City University class
o   July 15 – Movies in the Park
o   July 17 – Leadership Community
o   August 19 – Movies in the Park
o   August 20 – Welcome back party
o   August 21 – Leadership community

-       This schedule will cement further as we get closer to the summer.


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