Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sabbatical Resources

This past Sunday I shared about Hub City's Sabbatical Summer. I will be taking a sabbatical May 16 - August 19. But this isn't just a sabbatical for me. It's a sabbatical for our church family. I believe God is going to do some great things in and through Hub City this summer.

There have been a number of resources that have been helpful to me in planning for this sabbatical.


Leading on Empty
Clergy Renewal
Journeying toward Renewal


Five Reasons your pastor should take a sabbatical
The Darkside of Sabbaticals
Five reasons a pastor's sabbatical blesses everyone
Five Guidelines 
Focus on the Family Sabbatical guide
Soul Shepherding - A Sabbatical guide for pastors
Why your pastor needs a sabbatical (and follow up blog posts)
Yes, your pastor needs a sabbatical

There are a ton of resources out there. I encourage you to google around and learn something new.

And let me reiterate, if you have questions please ask!


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