Friday, January 15, 2016

Tips on how to pray

One of the reasons we don't pray consistently is we aren't sure how to pray. Here are some tips that I was thinking through this morning. 

First, connect your prayers with what you are reading in the Bible. By that I mean, don't just read the Bible. Pray through it. Turn what you are reading into prayers. They could be prayers asking for help in doing what it says. They could be prayers asking for understanding what it says. They could be prayers that agree with what it says. But let the Bible direct your prayers. 

Second, for those of you who have been around Hub City Church for any amount of time at all, you know our mission is to Make Disciples of Jesus who Make Disciples of Jesus.

The way we define a disciple is someone who hears from God and does what he says.

Another more detailed definition of a disciple is this: Someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and committed to the mission of Jesus.

I was thinking through those definitions this morning a was prompted to pray through those definitions for myself, my family and our church family.

Why am I telling you this?

I think it would be great for you to pray this for yourself, your family and your church. 

Lord, today, help me hear from you and do what you say. Show me how to follow you and help me follow you. Change me. Show me where you are working and help me to join you on your mission.


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