Wednesday, November 04, 2015


I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of counter-culture. The problem with the phrase “counter-culture” is that all of us have a different idea that comes to mind when we hear it. 

Some people think of hippies. Other's think of David Platt's book by the same title. A friend of mine thinks of that stuff that grows on food that's been left on your counter too long.

And then there's the way we, as Christians, think of being counter-culture in our day. Most of the time when we think of counter-culture we approach it from an issues perspective. In other words, we are different based on how we stand or side with certain issues. 

Issues are important. But I don’t think our stance on issues is what makes us counter-cultural. Where we stand on issues might make us different, but it’s not all that attractive. Issues seem to build walls and push people away.

Since there's to much confusion, let me define what I mean when I use the phrase “counter-culture.”

To be counter-cultural means living in a way that is both different from our culture and attractive to our culture.

To be counter-culture means that you live a life that is in contrast to the current culture. It involves being different. But to be counter-cultural is to be different in such a way that is attractive and that draws people to want to step away from their current culture into your counter-culture.

There’s something about it that is both different and attractive.

This is a great description of how we, as followers of Jesus, should live. We need to live lives that are in contrast to our current culture. Our contrast needs to be attractive, in that people want what we have.

But how do we live in a way that is both different from our culture and attractive to our culture?

Well, instead of an issue-based counter-cultural way of living, I think we need to have a character-trait-based counter-cultural way of living. The Bible lists out all kinds of counter-cultural traits that should characterize our lives as Christians. They are evidences of God’s working in our lives. They are character traits that are in direct contrast to the character traits we see displayed in our culture.

We're going to be talking about this counter-cultural way of living during the month of November at Hub City. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. God has something he wants to say to you.


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