Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What needs to be done?

I'm going to talk about this at Hub City in a few weeks, but I came across the most amazing question the other day, and it's too good not to share now.

It came from a parenting book I'm reading, that I would highly, highly, highly recommend (yes, that is three "highly's"... it's that good). The book is called Spiritual Parenting.

In a chapter talking about how to teach your kids to serve, Michelle shares a question that she asks and that she wants her kids to ask in every situation: What needs to be done?

That is an incredible question.

What needs to be done?

What if, in whatever situation you find yourself in you were to ask, What needs to be done?

This question would change your world.

You can ask it at home, at church, at work, when you're on a date, when you see a mess... the list is endless.

It forces you to take responsibility for doing whatever it is that needs to be done wherever you find yourself. Most of the time we see something that needs to be done but we want someone else to do it.

So, don't just ask the question. Once you ask it, do what needs to be done. 

Our families, churches, workplaces and world would be changed if all of us started asking, What needs to be done, and then doing what needs to be done. 


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